Ark Animal Patient Gallery!

Brownie waiting for X-Ray

Chickens need check-ups too! Here is our lovely patient Brownie awaiting her xray. Schedule yearly flock exams with us to get the most from your farm yard friends. They'll thank you for it!


Now that his vet comes to him there is nothing to be nervous about!


Princess loves to be pampered - thanks to Ark she is never far from her castle!


Winnie has the sniffles and is spending Thanksgiving on the Ark


Awesome picture of Bowie!


Sweet Abby! So polite and waiting for her cookie!


Elementary my dear...all dogs should have an annual exam and vaccines!


Lucy is getting ready for her dental cleaning!


Thank you, Dr DeBeckers and Debbie for spaying Bella today. She is resting nicely at home. I will recommend your services to everyone I know.


This was just one of our patients today!!! This is Beau, a super friendly 13 yr old lab, who loved Dr De Beckers homemade organic cookies!!!

Angus has clean teeth!

Thank you Dr. De Beckers for cleaning my teeth and making me Kiss-able again!

Lovely Tulip at home

I'm home, resting comfortably after my operation!

New X-ray patients

In the waiting room...

After Surgery

Looking good!


Just being good...

More Cassiopaea

Still exploring the upstairs!

More Cassiopaea


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